About us

Nearly twenty years have passed since my first casual encounter with the world of cycling. When I was simply a cycling enthusiast, I got the opportunity to accompany a small group of American tourists on holiday in Lucca. It was a fun experience in a field, which up to then I had not known. Friends encouraged me to pursue the initiative and sent me brochures from tour operators in the United States who had been working in this area for many years. I discovered that Tuscany was one of the most requested destinations. I cannot help but thank them for pushing me to do this lovely job, which still allows me to experience the region, discover hidden places and original panoramas. Even just by stopping in a local restaurant to sample the delights of the area, or pausing to take a picture of the beautiful landscape. And this is our philosophy. Rediscovering the joys of slowly experiencing the nature and landscape that surrounds us, far away from the stress and bustle of everyday life. Of looking for typical places, off the beaten track for tourists, yet easily accessible on paved roads with little traffic. For a day trip, maybe for the whole family, or a longer trip, alone or in company. In fact, our itineraries are accessible to all, on roads that are mainly flat and we are able to meet the needs of everyone from amateur cyclists to the most experienced.

The Team

Paolo Tessandori


Andrea Guareschi



Shop manager