Along the coast of Tuscany: on the road to Bolgheri

Our bike tour along the coast of Tuscany is an opportunity to know this wonderful area. A trip from north to south on the ancient roads of Etruscans, ancient and refined people, to visit cities rich of art, villages and breathtaking landscapes, starting from the beaches of Versilia to the wild Maremma.
The 5th stage of this tour will take you to the heart of the typical Tuscan country, which is usually seen in postcards and you can enjoy with us. We'll ride on hills close to the sea, along the suggestive "Etruscan Coast wine road", a path surrounded by cypresses and vineyards, fields and farmhouses. After passing Bibbona Castle, we will continue the pedaling on the suggestive and famous "Road of Cypresses" leading to the medieval village of Bolgheri.

Bolgheri is a village rich of history that has suffered wars and has been visited by famous figures as Duca Longobardo Allone or Conte Ugolino, who beacame immortal in the Divina Commedia written by Dante Alighieri.

Actually, between the medieval walls and the squares with panoramic views, Bolgheri is an oasis of peace where is produced an excellent wine, an ideal reason to have a break during the trip.

From there, our journey will take you to Castagneto Carducci, a medieval village in the heart of the Maremma Livornese, which owes its name to the poet who lived here as a boy. Along the road, you can breathe the air of rural Tuscany, trough the vineyards producing famous wines as Sassicaia and Ornellaia but also several small family-run farms where the true taste of peasant wisdom is perceived. Here, we can enjoy the well-deserved relax, the cheerfulness of a good company and the sense of feeling at home that only these genuine and true places can give to those who are fortunate enough to stop. An unforgettable stage of a tour that is more than a bicycle trip and will become a lifetime experience!