One challenge, one goal: run the Granfondo of Roma at 60 years old

Today we inaugurate a new section in our blog, dedicated to tell the way that separate a man from the Granfondo of Roma. Who ? That's clear, Paolo Tessandori, owner of Tuscany Ride a Bike, who decided to undertake this challenge and find the best physical condition relying on those same professionals with whom he usually works to satisfy his customers.


The Granfondo Campagnolo of Roma, will take place on 8th October 2017 and is a must-event for all of those who love that kind of racing: a unique opportunity to ride in the heart of Rome, entirely closed to traffic for this exceptional event, which over the years has grown enormously and has established itself in the world of Granfondos, gaining more than 5k participants.


For Paolo, the goal won't be to look for the best performance, but to reach a good physical condition through a lifestyle based on proper nutrition and continuous training, aapted to his own possibilities and experience of cycling.

Periodically, there will be moments of check, measuring not only the kilometers ran on the bike, but most of the physical values that directly affect the nutrition, muscles and wellness.

So, we introduce for first Dr. Marco Caccialupi, nutritionist, who gave Paolo many customized and useful tips to face the Granfondo: the nutritionist is a required professional for anyone who wants to link to the sport, a better lifestyle.


Thus began this adventure, that would be more than simply a story-telling, but rather a demonstration and, perhaps, a motivation for all those who love cycling, the sport and its values.