A bike designed for every type of excursion!

Paul Tessandori, helping our friend Luis in the enterprise of running from Lucca in Rome (we told in our previous articles..), has taken this opportunity to try a new bike, designed by Tuscany Ride a Bike with their own specifications and produced by Hazard bike, one of the best italian companies bicycle that still today realizes entirely by hand. “We wanted a bike that gives good performance on the asphalt but not afraid of dirt tracks and off street...”, Paolo says, “... a bike, in short, that could tackle any terrain we want to propose in our excursions” .

To avoid drilling and drawbacks, the new mountain bike covers “Schwalbe Grade 5,” an high quality tire that ensures grip, and may face wet and muddy roads without risks. Thanks to disc brakes, designed by Avid, we can ride also in heavy rain conditions; the front fork suspension, allows you to not suffer too much of potholes and uneven roads an the handlebar, derived directy from MTB, guarantees excellent handling on dirt grounds. The Shimano gear, allows you to adjust your cycling and adapt in any situation, using all the 27 speeds.

Too long is the list with many other customizations we requested to Hazard, about also the luggage rack and mudguard, all installed on an excellent frame that in only 15 kg of weight gives the bike strength and smoothness.

Paolo assures us, “It is not a racing bike but in downhill I passed over 70 km/h without problems, feeling stable and safe ... And that is not even a MTB but is not afraid of off-road and was amazing on all the lands we met from Via Francigena, to Strade Bianche in Siena and Val d’Orcia ... and many other!” Smiling, then adds “We are very satisfied with that choice and after this positive experience, we decided to adopt them because of the the their versatility on each ground. We will ask Hazard some innovations to make them still more performing and let bikes availables from March 2016.”