We prepare the bicycle before the route!

Many times during our cycle route in Seville, we find unexpected negative surprises. That's why today in Tuscany Ride a Bike Spain we review the points to always keep in mind for the set-up of your bike before a getaway with your friends or alone.
It is a real annoyance to start a cycle route in Seville with friends like those of Tuscany Ride a Bike and to feel that the bicycle does not yield 100%. The pine nuts jump, the plates do not fit at the moment they should, the brakes are dangerous, suspicious squeaks ...

Therefore, as experts in cycling routes today we will remember the basic maintenance prior to them and we can save many inconveniences during the day, or days, that lasts your journey that will support you during the trip, your bike;)

Changes and transmission

It is the first step in the general maintenance to which we submit our bicycle, if you need to go to an expert and get rid of this work you can always go to our workshop Bike Life by Tuscany Bike Ride Spain in Seville.

The first step is a good washing and lubrication of the whole bicycle, for later if it is necessary to change the rolines of the rear change. Degrease and re-grease the bearings, especially those of the bottom bracket is something that your bike will always appreciate when it comes to being ready for a route.

The breaks

Look at the wear of the shoes and adjust the tension of the levers will help you be ready. In addition, cleaning and greasing will help you to better observe its condition. In the event that the brakes were disc, if the pads are worn, it would be necessary to purge.


A cycle route in Seville without wheels in conditions can become a real ordeal. Therefore, follow our advice will give you a bonus when enjoying the journey. Check the pressure and if it is well centered with your spokes tight.

If you consider our advice, in an afternoon you will have your bike completely ready for a getaway wherever you want. If you need help, or arrange an exit with experts, do not hesitate, talk to us. Tuscany Ride a Bike Spain has come to the capital of Andalusia to offer the best cycle routes in Seville and its province.
We are a winning team!