It's time for bicycle touring!

Enjoy the road is something that is not easy when you are part of a group of conventional tourists, the rush, the need to stop at the stipulated places, after all, be part of something that you do not have the command, ends Stressing you However, the cyclotourist routes made by you derive you to go at the speed you like, much more practical than on foot, and with endless possibilities to rest in any corner. Feel a butterfly that goes from one side to another enjoying the road!

Enjoying a vacation is something that may be badly conceptualized, did you know that UNESCO itself coined a term that defined holidays? According to them, vacations are a "set of occupations to which an individual can be given to rest, have fun or develop their personality, after having freed their professional, family or social obligations". Therefore, from our company specialized in cycle routes we feel very identified with this concept. Since traveling by bicycle home perfectly with that idea away from long lines, crowded apartments or plans that meet the typical topics.

The bicycle is a means that allows you to be part of the idiosyncrasy of each place you visit, in addition there are corners of the planet that will help you to feel like one more since it is one of the most used vehicles in countries like Switzerland or Holland. In this type of countries the respect towards the cyclist is almost extreme, has not it surprised you to see how there are hundreds of bicycles in a parking lot without padlock?

Cycle routes are fashionable, and increasingly due to the increase in the price of gasoline and fuels. The rise of pedaling is a reality, and in Tuscany Ride a Bike we got on the backs of our bikes to accompany you on the way, come with us;)