Bike bags 2023 - Ortlieb

After years of collaborations we decided to switch from Vaude bags to Ortlieb bags.
We had been thinking about the change for some time, although satisfied the Ortlieb bags seemed better finished and more robust, but we couldn't make the decision
Then the poor quality of the latest purchases and the lack of response from Vaude to the request for an explanation for the breakage of over ten pairs of aqua back bags we take the decision of change.
We have tested the Back Roller classic model and we are fully satisfied: the impermeability and robustness are very good.
We have also tested the "bike packing" and we are literally thrilled.
From 2023 you will be able to try the two models  of Ortlieb bags with our bicycles, we strongly recommend them for trips along the Via Francigena, with our delivery service you can receive and return them, together with the bicycles,  at accommodation facilities along the entire Italian route from Aosta until Rome.