An Unforgettable Adventure in Sicily: Our Tour with 40 American Cyclists

Our recent adventure in Sicily was an extraordinary experience. We had the honor of accompanying 40 American cyclists on a tour from Taormina to Syracuse, passing through some of the island's most picturesque landscapes. Five very challenging stages, totaling 500 km and about 9,000 meters of elevation gain, tested the endurance and determination of all participants.

The Tour Stages

Our journey began in the beautiful Taormina, famous for its breathtaking sea views and ancient Greek theater. From there, we headed towards Mount Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe, offering cyclists unforgettable panoramas. The next stage took us to Ragusa, a city rich in history and Baroque architecture.

The journey continued through the Monti Iblei, an area characterized by rolling hills and pristine nature. Each pedal stroke brought us closer to our final destination: Syracuse. With its historical and cultural heritage, this city was a fitting conclusion to our tour.

Impeccable Bikes and Support

A crucial element of our success was the reliability of our bikes. Throughout the entire route, we encountered no technical issues, thanks also to the excellent work of our support team. Mario and Luis integrated perfectly with the group's staff, providing continuous and professional assistance.

A Complete Experience

The tour was not only a physical challenge but also a cultural and gastronomic experience. Sicily, with its natural and historical treasures, offered unique spectacles that enchanted all participants. And we cannot forget the local cuisine and agricultural products: every meal was a burst of authentic flavors that only this land can offer.


The season could not have started better. This tour was the perfect combination of sport, culture, and fun. We hope it is just the beginning of a long series of equally rewarding adventures. We thank all participants and our staff for making this unforgettable experience possible. Stay tuned for our upcoming tours and keep following us to discover our future destinations.