The 5 Terre - Viareggio
Prices from € 60,00
Bike Model: Road

The 5 Terre - Viareggio

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Famous around the world for their particular morphology, the 5 Terre offer unique views in the world. A dozen kilometers away in a straight line, they are very accessible by boat or even by train, but for the bike require preparation at least by the fans. The northernmost is Monterosso, the southernmost is Riomaggiore.

Between many curves and sharp curves overlooking the Ligurian Sea and the other three pearls on the cliff: Manarola, Vernazza and Corniglia. A unique journey through the wonders and ups and downs of the Ligurian coast of Levante, a walk in one of the most popular places for international tourism. Wonder and dream will welcome you.

Advised starting time:  8.30 a.m. with reservation

Trip time: aprox. 3 h

Lenght: km. 30  

Accumulated climb: 800m
 Number of participants 2 3 4-5 6+
 Price per person € 107,00 € 83,00 € 70,00 € 60,00

Special day:   € 60,00 per person every Monday  (min. 4 persons)

Electric-bike: + € 15,00
Price includes:
 - Road bike (Wilier GTR team)
 - Helmet
 - Bike bottle
 - Guide/assistant