Cycling from Pavia to Lucca by Bike
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Cycling from Pavia to Lucca by Bike

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An easy journey across the agricultural plain dominated by the Po, the great river you can cross on a small ferry, just like the ancient pilgrims.

You will leave from Pavia, one of the most beautiful surprises of the Via Francigena, which is guardian to the stratified memory of Romans and Longobards, cycling across the countryside until the River Po crossing point in Piacenza, which will lead you to Emilia.  Are you ready to enter one of the mythical areas of Italian food and wine, home of the Prosciutto di Parma, the culatello di Zibello, and Parmigiano Reggiano? Don’t eat too much, however, because your walk still has beautiful surprises in store for your, such as the Cistercian abbey of Chiaravalle della Colomba, and the cathedral of Fidenza, whose bas-reliefs illustrate the history of the pilgrimage.

You will continue your journey through the hills of Parma, a foretaste of Tuscan  mountains, until the discent towards Pontremoli and the crossing of Lunigiana, territory of castles and medieval villages.
Finally Marina di Massa, where you will be able to set your bike down and enjoy a nice bath, to later end your journey in Lucca, with its enchanting elliptical square.
Day 1: Pavia
Individual arrival in Pavia, the medieval town with its many artistic treasures: you will be able to discover the marvels of the Roman Age, admire the sculpted altar of the Basilica di San Pietro and walk beneath the medieval towers. But the ancient beauty of Pavia conceals a young spirit, thanks to its prestigious university: the old town centre is always crowded with students, and Piazza della Vittoria is the favourite meeting place for an aperitif after lessons. We recommend you imitate them, staying out late to enjoy the  illuminated square.

Day 2From Pavia to Orio Litta, distance: 51 km
The first leg will take you across the flood plain of the basso Pavese, with its typical flood terraces as far as Santa Cristina. Along your way you will come to the little Chiesa di San Giacomo, which will surprise you with the simple beauty of the façade. you will walk along the flanks of the hill of  S.Colombano, dotted with vineyards, before crossing the Lambro and entering the Lodigiano to reach Orio Litta, with its imposing Baroque villa.

Day 3From Orio Litta to Fiorenzuola, distance: 56 km
Today you will cycle on the beautiful bank of Po until Piacenza, entering gate to Emilia Romagna, a land of great hospitality famous for its food and wine delicacies. Here you will be able to taste the famous charcuterie, washed down with a glass of  Gutturnio wine, and pass through the Porta del Paradiso to discover the Romanesque interiors of the Basilica. You will continue along a series of country roads towards Fiorenzuola, a town rich in history, with churches and buildings that are worth a visit: you will be able to admire the façade of the church of  San Fiorenzo and the oratory of Caravaggio.

Day 4From Fiorenzuola to Fornovo, distance: 56 km
Today’s quiet, flat leg will take you to Fornovo: along the way do not miss a visit of the Cistercian abbey of  Chiaravalle della Colomba, where you can stand in thought for a few minutes   in the silence of the cloisters or admire the carved wooden interiors of the church. If you like folk traditions, get someone to tell you the story dedicated to the  ciribiciaccola, the name of the tower of the Abbey in dialect.
You’ll have the option to take a little deviation to visit he ruins of Costamezzana castle, dominated by its circular tower which still climbs among the trees. Continuing among the Parma hills you will cross the River Taro to reach Fornovo, where an ancient battle between Italian and French people was fought.

Day 5From Fornovo to Berceto, distance: 34 km
Today a demanding leg awaits you, but one that is rich in beauty: along your way you will come to the villages of  Bardone and Terenzo, where you will be able to admire ancient churches and some bass-relieves treasured in their interiors. From this point you will face an ascent that will lead you to Cassio, where a brief descending trait will make you delude in believing you have reached your destination. Unfortunately this is not true: you will have to face another ascent towards Berceto, a little “stone jewel”, where you can restore yourselves with local mushrooms and  pattona, a typical cake made from chestnut flour
Day 6From Berceto to Aulla, distance: 54 km
There will be no rest during the last leg, but it will hold new surprises in store that will make all your efforts worthwhile. From the  Cisa Pass you  exciting descent to  Pontremoli, the town of bridges and stele statues , where you can enjoy a relaxing walk among the alleyways of the old town centre.
Once in Aulla set your bicycle down and visit the Abbey of San Caprasio, which contains archaeological finds from the medieval period. Do not miss a walk along the ancient walls of the Fortezza della Brunella, pretending to be medieval sentries, before taking a walk through the old town centre. And if you are hungry, there is nothing better than the tasty little local focaccias, to be enjoyed still hot accompanied by charcuterie and cheeses.

Day 7: Da Aulla a Marina di Massa, distance: 47 km
From Aulla you will travel along the first section of the journey over demanding but gratifying paths: from here you will glimpse the sea for the first time.long the road you will pass through very green countryside and medieval villages. Once in Sarzana you will be amazed by the Baroque interior of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, and you will admire the Gothic facade of the Pieve di Sant’Andrea, the oldest building in the town. You will discover the taste of the “torta scema”, and get one of the locals to explain the meaning of its name.
Your journey will continue along flat paths, following in the footsteps of the ancient pilgrims who from the Roman port of Luni used to embark towards Santiago de Compostela. Do not miss a visit of the archaeological area, with the ancient amphitheatre and the museum which is home to a splendid mosaic dedicated to the God Neptune. You will finally arrive at Marina di Massa, where you can enjoy the first bathe of your journey.

Day 8: From Marina to Lucca, distance: 52 km
A nice cycle path along the sea will lead you from Marina di Massa  towards Pietrasanta. Before browsing among its art galleries and shops we recommend a visit of the town’s Duomo, to walk among its marble columns and to admire its frescoed vaults.
From Camaiore you will continue up and down among the hills of Lucca, end of our journey: enter through the walls and surround yourselves in its old town centre, where many attractions await you. You will be able to admire the decorated façade of San Frediano, browse in the little shops of the circular piazza to buy spelt and local biscuits to take home with you, conquer the Guinigi tower and admire the town from up high in its hanging garden.

Day 9Lucca
Last day is included. Service ends after breakfast.
 - Nights in 3 stars hotels  and B&B with breakfast.
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 - 24h travel insurance.
 - Phone assistance in case of emergency.

Not included:
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 - Lunches and dinners.
 - Visits and entrance fees – tips.
 - Personal expense.
 - Possible sojourn taxes.
 - Everything that is not mentioned in the “included” section. 

These services can be added to the ones included in the base price of the tour:
 - Single room supplement: € 160.
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 - Bikes and E-bikes rental.
 - Transfers to reach the starting location or to leave the arriving location of the tour, which will be quoted on request.
Typical Flavours - Do not miss:
• The Paradiso cake in Pavia
• The Gutturnio wine in Piacenza
• The Parma ham
• The Parmigiano Reggiano 
• The porcini and prugnoli mushrooms in Berceto
• The testaroli al pesto in Pontremoli
• The dishes based on spelt in Lucca