L'Eroica: the soul of cycling meets the heart of Tuscany

The historic village of Gaiole, wich is in a valley in the middle of the hills of Chianti, was founded in the Middleage as a market place between the nearby castles and then it grew in importance until entering, in the 14th century, in "Chianti Alliance", a military and politic organization created by Republic of Florence to rule the area. Today is the scene of one of the most beautiful and evocative challenges of all time: "L'Eroica".

This race, which attracts participants from the entire world, was founded in 1997 with the aim of promoting the values ​​of the classic cycling, rediscover the epic duel between Fausto Coppi and Gino Bartali, show the poetry of sacrifice and hard work and feel the taste for sport enterprises but also it was the cycling which was based on respect for opponents with whom there were strong relations. That kind of cycling, followed by enormous crowds of people, can be a source of inspiration even for the modern one.

"L'Eroica" includes 5 courses from the shortest one of 46km, up to the classic one that runs for 209km on magical Siena dirt roads, through vineyards, farms and historic towns, all featured by "lunar landscapes" of Crete Senesi and by extraordinary landscapes of Val d'Orcia, declared World Heritage Site by Unesco.

These wonderful lands, on October 2nd, will be crossed by heroic cyclists, riding bicycles built before 1987 or vintage, and wearing old-style shoes, socks and caps.

Thus, riding in the history of ciclyng, all these followers of Coppi and Bartali, they will not only revive the soul of the old cycling, but will also become themselves, for a one day, part of a unique landscape, where nature and history mingle with the most genuine valours: labor, effort, respect and the desire to outcome themself!

Everyone who can, should join "L'Eroica" and not miss the opportunity to go and see this incredible show and this unique race, and maybe....enjoy a tipical snack drinking a glass or good red wine!